Spam Preventions

How to Protect your Website

running a business and having an e-commerce website is not as easy as you think. With that said, Whe...


Obfuscation Software Development in .NET

When you published your compiled application and thought that your ideas on how your build it can&#8...

Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server in VMware ESXI 6.5

My name is Harry, I am a tech enthusiast. My primary goal is to help others as they help me, especia...

Digi Sign 2

What is a Digital Signature?

Hi, my name is Harry. In this blog, I will explain about the digital signature and how it works. ...


Windows Form Security & Tables Normalization

Based on the applications or projects I developed for the company. I am responsible for developing a...

Blazor WebAssembly


In this blog, I will be mainly talking about Blazor and WebAssembly. These two opensource are really...


MS Access & .Net ActiveX

In this blog, I am going to show how to make your own ActiveX control using .Net Class library in c#...


Cyber Security Awareness

In this post, I want to discuss what are the adversaries, threats and how to protect yourself from a...


ASP.NET Core & Vue.js Starter with Trilon + Dapper Micro ORM

Hello, my name is Harry. I created this sample on how to get started with C# Core + Vue. Vue...


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