How to Protect your Website

How to Protect your Website

running a business and having an e-commerce website is not as easy as you think. With that said, When putting your website to the public meaning you are giving anyone the opportunity to access, see, and even access your account by Hackers. The question is how can a potential hacker get your information and determine the vulnerability of your website.

A Hacker can initiate an attack by

  • Learning about you and your product
  • Disguise as a web developer contractor
  • Check the platforms, website or the software you are using
  • Attempt to navigate any broken links to your website
  • Send you a clickbait spam emails to capture your data (Credentials)
  • Send you clickbait links to give them access to your computer remotely (Backdoor)

So how do you protect yourself and your platform?

  • Secured all your credentials Please refer to this link Cyber Security Awareness
  • Only put your website visible to your desired countries or where you want to sell the products.
  • Always check and apply updates to your website.
  • Remove any broken links or unpublish web pages.
  • Do not upload any sensitive data as a file to your platform (Website)
  • Consult with IT Professionals that have real-world extensive experience.

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